1000 Garden Ideas

Stafford Cliff

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Highly successful author and innovative designer Stafford Cliff has visited hundreds of gardens in the course of his travels over the last forty years all over the world, taking photographs and making notes. With his designer's eye and experience, he has created a revelatory work - a unique sourcebook of the very best ideas providing choices and inspiration for every single garden dilemma and possibility, from colour and planting to hard surfaces and features. For every new choice a gardener wishes to make, for every change they wish to introduce, there is a complete wealth of options - the plants, the path, the paving, the pots - they are all shown. From ornamental gates, to water features, sundials and beyond, myriad images are shown to fascinate, inspire and enthral the reader. The book is simply stunning, a veritable visual jigsaw delights the eye with the quirky set alongside the classic, the modern set against the traditional, and it is as practical as it inspiring, with a comprehensive directory of suppliers to help the reader realise their vision.

Published 2008- UK

Publisher : Artisan

Pages: 208


Great Condition

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