AIM of Golf: Actual, Imaginary, and Mirror Imagery to Optimize Your Game

AIM of Golf: Actual, Imaginary, and Mirror Imagery to Optimize Your Game

Mitchell Spearman

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For decades, golfers have been using visual imagery to mentally rehearse their shots. Jack Nicklaus, winner of more major championships than any other golfer in history and an avid proponent of visualization, prepares for each and every shot by creating mental pictures of the swing he wants to make and the ball flight he wants to produce. But not until Mitchell Spearman has anyone come up with a systematic approach to mastering every aspect of golf by means of dynamic visual imagery. Spearman's visualization techniques are a true advance in golf instruction: In addition to the traditional mirror-image photos showing ideal form, AIM of Golf gives you actual and imaginary views. Actual imagery is the positioning of your stance, your grip, and the rest of your body as you yourself will see it when you're standing over the ball. Each imaginary viewpoint uses a familiar non-golf object as a metaphor--and a practice drill--for the proper motion: For instance, a peach placed behind the clubhead is a visual reminder to bring the club back smoothly. Together, Spearman's three types of visualizations, presented in more than 250 full-color photographs, provide clear and simple cues to the physical movements and sensations that will improve not only your full swing but all the major areas of your game, including putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and other trouble spots, and slicing and other common faults. AIM of Golf will make the game of golf more fun by showing you the secrets to ensuring that the perfect shots you picture in your head become the actual shots you hit on the course.

Published 2004- USA

Publisher: Rodale

Pages: 198


Good Condition; shows some signs of antiquity

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