Golf by Design: How to Lower Your Score by Reading the Features of a Course

Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

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Copiously illustrated throughout with photos, instructional drawings and diagrams, GOLD BY DESIGN teaches golfers how to analyse each hole from a designer's perspective - how to beat the course by outwitting its architect. From tee to green to rough, Jones leads golfers through every step of a course designers strategy, detailing how they use optical illusions, elevation changes, forced carries, trees, sand and even different types of grass to challenge a golfer's playing skills. He then presents expert strategies for counter-attack - from constructing the ideal approach shot to taking advantage of the wind and playing across water. GOLF BY DESIGN provides novice golfers with invaluable insights into all of the basic, crucial elements of strategy and technique. At the same time the book offers seasoned players the inside knowledge they need for lowering their handicap and permanently improving their game. Drawing on a lifelong passion for the game, the author shares the expertise he has gained as a premier golf course architect and skilled player. In this instructional book he shows readers how to maximise their shot-making abilities by thinking their way around a course and studying it from an architect's perspective. The architect has designed his course to defend par and this book shows how they think, taking the golfer step-by-step through a variety of different course types showing how the reader can overcome the challenges. The golfer will not only learn all the tricks of the trade but, most importantly, learn to look at the game and the course in terms of logistics and attack plans. The book is filled with anecdotes and examples from specific courses that Jones has designed and/or played on and hundreds of instructive illustrations.

Edition: 1st edition – 1993 - Canada 

Published by: Little, Brown and Company

Number of pages: 276 / Hardcover

Condition: Good 

Additional notes: Some wear around the spine.

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