Start an Independent Record Label

Start an Independent Record Label

J.S. Rudsenske

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An indispensable step-by-step guide to releasing your own records and beginning a working independent label. Since the boom of homemade records and independently-minded musicians in the 1980s, the alternative music industry has grown from strength to strength, driven by a policy that privileges the music itself over the aggressive marketing and branding strategies of the majors. You can retain all control and rights to the music you release, allowing you to showcase and sell the music that you believe should be heard. There has never been a better time to begin a label for yourself, and this comprehensive title shows you exactly how it's done, including: Devising a business plan Finding and choosing talent Creating and manufacturing records themselves All aspects of promotion and marketing Distribution and radio  Get your company organised and get those records out there right now with the help and advice of this informative guide.

Edition 2005 - USA

Published by:  Schirmer Trade Books

Pages: 262

Condition: Good

Additional notes: Stickers on the back cover. 

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