The Secret World of the Working Mother

The Secret World of the Working Mother

Fiona Milar

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Sinopse / Synopsis:

Most mothers work. The stereotypes of unhappy-stay-at-home-mum and neurotic-career-mum are no longer relevant. The truth is that the majority of women with families now work at least a day or two a week.  Yet there is a dearth of books on this crucial aspect of parenting - how to find fulfillment at work and still raise a family, without losing your marbles. And it is this gap that Fiona Millar, well known journalist and education campaigner, is addressing.  Whether you are a mother of infants reentering the working world, or a mother of teenagers whose crucial schedules collide with your own, it is a challenging and frequently fraught area. Using her own experiences, and that of hundreds of other women, Millar takes the reader through each stage and issue, from relationships with partners when there is hardly enough time to think, to knowing your rights and fighting to progress your career in the workplace. From choosing child care to finding and benefiting from a community of local mothers.  In writing this book Millar has conducted interviews with women from all walks of life and the result is an enlightening, life-enhancing, helpful and reassuring read that women will recommend and return to again and again.

 Edição / Edition:  2009 –  UK

Editora / Editor: Vermilion

Páginas / Number of pages: 265

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