Beyond Supernature - A New Natural History Of The Supernatural

Beyond Supernature - A New Natural History Of The Supernatural

Lyall Watson 

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A thought-provoking look at the world of the supernatural that shows how many paranormal events can be explained by what we already knowor don't knowabout the natural world.Scientist and rationalist Lyall Watson, the author of the million-copy bestseller Supernature, reveals the inconsistencies, blank spots, and ';soft edges' in current scientific theory that make the existence of the supernatural not only an intriguing possibilitybut a necessary and perfectly logical part of our explanation of the workings of the universe. Examining breakthroughs in science from biology to biofeedback, from quantum physics to paraphysics, the author proposes a revolutionary synthesis of nature and supernature. He offers surprising insights into such ';unexplainable' phenomena as telepathy, reincarnation, synchronicity, poltergeists, evolutionary intelligence, and other mind-bending questions challenging science today. Beyond Supernature is a groundbreaking new chapter in the never-ending search for reality. It is a book for anyone who can still look at the world with both common sense and a sense of wonder.

Edition 1988 - USA

Published by: Bantam Books

Pages: 296

Condition: Good. Signs of wear

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